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Our new Software for Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) VEDDAC volume offers the possibility to use digital volume correlation to detect deformations and changes in the inside of the material completely and non-destructively.

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microDAC® Messsystem

microDAC® measuring systems are modular high-performance systems for 2D analysis of motion, deformation and strain on the basis of digital image correlation (DIC). They are characterized by a high degree of flexibility of the optical design and enable comfortable, time-effective image analysis.

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VEDDAC software

VEDDAC is a universal and flexible software for the analysis of motion, deformation and surface changes based on 2D digital image correlation (DIC). Especially in-plane displacement and local strain fields on objects can be determined. With VEDDAC, measurement tasks and challenges in research, production and monitoring can be solved with maximum accuracy and reliability.

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