VEDDAC Software
VEDDAC Software

VEDDAC software solutions are user-friendly and intuitive image analysis tools for performing displacement and strain analysis based on gray scale correlation (DIC, DVC).

VEDDAC processes images from a wide variety of image sources and image formats, uses intelligent evaluation algorithms for the highest possible measured resolution and offers display and export options for the measurement results that are adapted to the measurement task.

VEDDAC 7 and VEDDAC strain are part of our microDAC® measuring systems.

However, you can also purchase VEDDAC 7, VEDDAC strain and soon VEDDAC volume separately as software and use them to evaluate the images/image sequences of your experiments.


VEDDAC is a universal and flexible software for the analysis of motion, deformation and surface changes on the basis of digital image correlation (DIC). With VEDDAC you can determine in-plane displacements as well as local strain fields on object surfaces and thus solve your measurement tasks and challenges in research, production and monitoring with highest accuracy and reliability.

VEDDAC strain

VEDDAC strain is a universal and flexible software for determining strains and length changes under tensile and compressive loading.

Both longitudinal and transverse strain can be determined with maximum strain resolution without marking the specimen.

VEDDAC volume

VEDDAC volume is a measurement software for the characterization of structural changes inside materials. The microDAC® volume method is based on 3D volume correlation (DVC - Digital Volume Correlation) of radiographic data. Selected algorithms for calculation and visualization are used, adapted to the specifics of the range of radiographic data used in practice, in order to enable the evaluation of deformation mechanisms. This makes VEDDAC volume the preferred tool for evaluating images from load experiments in X-ray computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

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