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X-ray inspection
X-ray inspection

The radiographic image allows a view into the interior of components in order to identify possible causes of failures and to find any malfunctions. In addition to the all-encompassing three-dimensional representation of the object volume, the advantage is also the method of maintaining the building component, with which the existing conditions are first tested in combination. If required, further methods (e.g. microscopy on metallographic specimens) can be used to examine in detail the anomalies detected with X-ray CT.

In addition, X-ray CT can also be used to derive geometric information that supports modelling within the framework of numerical simulations.

We carry out X-ray inspection as a service and use the procedure for damage analyses. The available equipment is predestined for the X-ray inspection of smaller objects with high resolution. We will be happy to advise you on the implementation of your inspection task.

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Elke Noack
Opt. metrology / damage analysis
3D tomogram of a cable break
of a cable break
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